Techlink is ISO 27001:13 certified

Techlink is proud to be implementing an Information Security Management System which is certified by the Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards (no. ISMS.22.004).

What is ISO 27001

It is the international standard developed specifically for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) that requires a company to use a systematic approach when managing sensitive information and ensuring data security. ISMS is a framework for managing processes, people and IT systems to ensure sensitive information stays secure.

Benefits of implementing this information security standard

With an increasing number of regulations and contractual requirements related to information security, implementing the ISO 27001 standard provides TECHLINK with the opportunity to have a comprehensive methodology that meets many of these.

Being ISO 27001 certified means that TECHLINK has gone through a rigorous audit and certification process with the Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) and were successful in meeting the standard. It also means that TECHLINK prioritises data security, has identified the risks, assessed the implications, and established a systemised control series to limit any damage to the company.

Benefits include:

  • TECHLINK assesses, minimises and eliminates risks and vulnerabilities
  • compliant with the highest standard information security
  • increased reliability and security of systems and information
  • customer data is rigorously protected
  • improved customer and business partner confidence
  • increased business resilience
  • improved management processes and integration with risk strategies

Certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards and delivering exceptional products and services. ISO 27001 is a global standard, often referred to in both general terms and in legal provisions as a method for achieving good data security.

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