At TECHLINK we design intelligent, bespoke and intuitive web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, and, provide services that transform brands for their digital ignition or even transformation. With streamlined processes, we serve our customers for their business needs.

Our vast technology and industry expertise enables us to undertake sophisticated projects which are delivered in a timely manner, utilizing unique approaches when developing strategies and products.


We are a diverse team of highly talented, enthusiastic software developers, project managers, web designers, digital marketers, analysts and testers.

At Techlink we take pride in our methodological research methods, business acumen and skills which are used to encapsulate our clients’ business needs. Each team member brings their qualifications, individual experience and thirst for learning to meet our aim of delivering quality, customer value and satisfaction.

Software Engineers

20 Knowledgeable & Qualified team members

C++, .Net Core, C#, MS Azure, MySQL, Ruby


8 Qualified & Dedicated team members

HTML, React.JS, Angular 2, Vue.JS, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Laravel, MySQL, PHP


3 Accomplished & Attentive team members

Swift, Java, Xamarin


3 Methodical team members

Selenium, Automated testing


4 Creative team members


4 Experienced team members


4 Skilled team members


Do Great Things Together

Collaboration & Leadership: Our team members are not afraid to face any challenge head on and embrace the open sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience. Our leaders know that leading is about listening and caring for each of our team members and that the satisfaction of our clients are directly related to the health of our team.

Be Remarkable

Innovation: We approach each task with curiosity, and we seek out the root cause and go far beyond treating just the symptoms. We believe that learning, innovation, and embracing change allows us to grow not just as a company, but as people, too. 

Commitment to Excellence

Quality: We pursue excellence in everything we do. We aim to deliver and implement solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Our consistent execution and track record of delivering quality solutions sets us apart from every other organization.    

Do What You Say

Integrity, Responsibility & Accountability: If we make a commitment, a promise or say we are going to do something, we do it! We believe in taking responsibility for our actions. Doing right by each other, the company, and our clients is paramount.

Why clients choose us
Our eshop is user friendly and easy for us to maintain! We appreciate the efficiency and attention to detail that the Techlink team provided.
Why clients choose us
Based on our vision, Techlink created a better product than we imagined