Time and Material

As you prepare to move forward your business, maybe it will be helpful for you to consider and evaluate the cooperation model of Time & Material that D.G. Techlink offers to companies that are interested in the completion of projects which require professionals of the Information Technology sector, such as Software Developers Front End – Back End – Full Stack, Project Managers, UI/UX Designers and Quality Assurance Engineers. 

D.G. Techlink’s team is currently numbering over 65 employees which includes among others Full Stack Software Developers, Project Managers, Database Developers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers and Quality Assurance Engineers – offering to our customers services that cover the full software development cycle. All of the above makes us your ideal partner for the completion of your projects and the accomplishment of your workflow demands.

What is the Time & Material Model and Why it was introduced in the provision of Information Technology Services?

Time & Material billing model is based on the amount of time that is spent on the implementation of a project/task and the costs of the efforts and materials used in the process.
Information Technology outsourcing within the Time and Material billing model is an ideal choice for the implementation of projects when it is difficult to plan, predict the amount of work and precise requirements in advance. The customer pays for the actual work of the contractor. This allows to change priorities economically painless and quickly reschedule the work. Time & Material model gives you what you are always hoping and targeting in most of your commitments when you purchase services or hire employees, pay for the real work done. The dynamically changing environment of technology and the complexity of it has grown the need of a new adaptable model that will contribute to the development of these type of projects and tasks for the best possible outcome for the customer.
Especially in cases when you are not sure about how your project will be developed and what are the exact requirements then the fixed price contract is definitely a bad choice.
All of the most customized developments require comprehensive analysis but even then, it is still impossible to estimate all three crucial points, the final cost, the scope and the duration.
So, you are taking several risks for example being overcharged or not getting the results you want, wasting in these ways your money and time investments.

Why Time & Material Price Model can be ideal for your needs?

T&M to save money
The Payment is on demand basis. The customer pays only for the actual work of the contractor, estimated on hourly rates of the amount of time spent and the recourses invested for the implementation of your requirements.
T&M to have the best professionals suitable for your kind of work
Professional staff can be added, replaced or removed on the fly.
T&M for flexibility
The T&M model is the most flexible way of dealing with projects. You have the ability to postpone implementing some requirements or features. You can add or remove features on all the stages of the project as the scope can be adjusted ad hoc. Crucial Decisions are not forced to be taken in the beginning under pressing and unknown circumstances.
In general, the structure of T&M contributes to create the best final product.
Do you need some additional functionality? No problem. Let’s, we can modify it.
Want to simplify the process? We can skip the unnecessary features.
T&M for profitable and valued engagement
We identify your needs and keep the budget within your limits. We discuss any changes with you as frequently as is necessary and determine priorities according to the cost estimations.

T&M for quick and effective engagement
The progress of the implementation is faster. You can begin your project faster as the analysis before the start it hasn’t need to be highly detailed as you can move the process while working on details along the way. The work can start when we you provide us with the key features.

T&M for limitation of risk
There is transparency on the work that is being done as you track the progress of the project or the task, so you can be informed and assured about every step of your project.

Looking for a reliable software partner with wide experience in implementing a range of projects that cover the full software development cycle and with the ability to apply this unique model of contract? Check why Techlink must be your number one partner!
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