Ablebook: Accessibility in one app.

This functional mobile application has been created to enable people with disabilities to navigate spaces. It includes smart path creation and planning tools, informing individuals of places with easy access and use.

To achieve this, TECHLINK in partnership with the Ablebook team have created an application that provides useful information and services related to accessibility and facilities. This allows both locals and visitors to plan their experiences in Cyprus. The businesses and establishments can be reached from the app with a simple click for map directions or to directly call without searching for any contact details online. The aim is to make the user experience more pleasant and seamless. The app focuses on people, displaying places and activities throughout the country and suggests ways to better experience them.

The app is intended to become an invaluable tool for both users and service providers. Apart from being able to search for different types of businesses and facilities, users have the opportunity to become holders of the Ablecard. This card provides a variety of discounts for various stores across Cyprus. Business owners can also benefit from using the Ablebook application as they can better reach wider communities in an easy and innovative way. Ablebook provides the means to gain visibility and maintain the value of being socially responsible.

Taking into consideration limitations and user experience, the application has been carefully designed. The colours used, image sizes and Call-To-Action buttons take into consideration the ease of navigation.

Technical specifications:

The App was built using the Xamarin Forms Cross Platform Framework. This technology allowed us to build and deploy IOS, Android and Windows applications from a single shared codebase. In other words, by using a single language, we can create different solutions automatically.

The outcome of using this framework resulted to achieve crucial characteristics that define a modern application:

  • High Performance
  • Extremely easy to perform maintenance and upgrades
  • Common UI/UX for both Android and IOS
  • Time efficient
  • Cost Efficient
  • Versioning and Deployment Automation
  • UI/UX

Based on the target audience and requirements of Ablebook, we had to make sure that we comply with specific UI/UX rules so accessibility would not be an issue.

  • Localization: The ability to change the language of the application.
  • Font adaptation: Font size within the app will change according to the phone’s global text settings.
  • Color Blind standards
  • Simplistic Navigation Flow
  • Accurate and minimalistic font icons.

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