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As Gold Microsoft Partners, Techlink is proud to announce that we have been notified about LinkedIn’s FREE courses which are now available.

Under today’s working environment, this is a great opportunity for people to sharpen, develop or refresh their skills as LinkedIn is offering a wide range of online courses.

  1. Working Remotely – duration: 1 hr
  2. Time Management: Working From Home – duration: 1 hr 25 min
  3. Productivity Tips: Finding Your Productive Mindset – duration: 59 min
  4. Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls – duration: 34 min
  5. Keeping Perspective in a Changing World – duration: 4 min
  6. Thriving @ Work: The Connection between Well-being and Productivity – duration: 41 min
  7. Managing Stress for Positive Change – duration: 57 min
  8. Building Resilience – duration: 34 min
  9. Developing Resourcefulness – duration: 18 min
  10. I already know everything: – duration: 4 min


Folding@Home: The Future of Biological Data Processing

What is Folding@Home?

Folding@Home (FAH or F@H) is a “distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of diseases.” As an initiative founded at Stanford University in 2000 it aims to enable citizen scientists (the users) to volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers. Medical data can be processed by utilising the users’ computer power and the insights are assisting scientists to better understand biology and provide new opportunities for developing therapeutics.

By downloading Folding@Home and installing this secure program, on your computer @Home you will be able to share the horsepower of your computer for the sake of medical research.  Right after you download and install the file, the setup will prompt you to start Folding@home. Upon pressing finish a web interface will automatically start. You can start folding immediately or you can select your computer to fold only when idle. You also have the option to select the level of which you want your computer to fold. You can have better control of Folding@Home application by right clicking on the app in your taskbar and selecting advance control. From there you can right click on your CPU or GPU at folding slots and pause or fold.

Video Featuring Greg Bowman, PhD, who is leading the Folding@Home project at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Why should we start Folding@Home?

By folding from home you help in finding in scientific research required for many diseases such as, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and even to some forms of cancer. Considering the current global situation and COVID-19, the Folding@Home force has been deployed on potential cure insights. With the involvement of people into Folding@home the network is now pushing out 470 PetaFlops. To break down the numbers even more, that is TWICE as fast as America’s largest even supercomputer Summit, launched by the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

As per Greg Bowman’s tweet “Amazing! @foldingathome now has over 470 petaFLOPS of compute power. To put that in perspective, that’s more than 2x the peak performance of the Summit super computer!”

As a user, I have been using Folding@Home for some days now. Depending on which level I want to Fold (i.e. light, medium or full) I have the relevant impact on my computer. With light and medium Fold modes the computer can be used to work under normal conditions. When the computer is not being utilised for work or personal matters, the Full power Folding mode is enabled. I have also adjusted my fan speed when folding with my GPU to reduce the temperature of the graphics card. At the same time consider joining the LinusTechTips team where I have currently registered under project 13850 which refer to my computer power being used for Covid-19 research. 

At Techlink, the team strongly believes that the Folding@Home project is a great initiative towards research in medical science. Major technology companies across the globe are leading the way for global collaboration by joining forces and Folding, which enables analysis and discovery of solutions in medical science.


Using WordPress with ReactJS

wp js

WordPress is by far one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and powers over 27% of the web. It is open source written in PHP and content writers love the fact that it is easy to use and packed with many plugins. Developers are also keen on using it as they have plenty of freedom when developing websites. The flexibility is great! WordPress plugins are software elements that co-function with specific applications. They extend the functionality and add new features. Examples include the ecommerce capabilities of WooCommerce, Yoast SEO for assisting with search engine optimisation activities, livechat for communicating with potential leads and existing clients, and more.

When considering using headless ReactJS technology for building a website, the benefits include the possibility of unlimited front-ends, the combination of a variety of programming languages, flexible designs, better speed and content editing. ReactJS is a JavaScript framework meant for building user interfaces (UI) and it is the most popular front-end framework for web development. It can also be used for developing mobile applications. ReactJS also allows developers to build high performing large-scale web applications that are able to handle data updates without page reloading. In applications, user interfaces are processed aiming to provide speed, scalability and flexibility. It is clear that React is fast, scalable and most importantly, simple.

It is noted that being ‘Headless’ does not mean that the CMS is missing the header section. It means that the back-end, the data of a website is “decoupled” from the front-end, the face of a website. CMS can be used as a generic content system despite the technology which is used to build the front-end.

Top 10 reasons for using React JS

1) It helps the overall process of writing components.

2) Boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance.

3) It ensures faster rendering.

4) It provides a stable code.

5) SEO friendly.

6)  Useful developer toolset

7) React Native for mob app development

8) Easy to learn

9) Strong backup

10) Most sought-out web development tool

So, if WordPress is great and React is great, combining the two would have some super effects. These include the fact that JavaScript is the future of WordPress and is discussed extensively in the New WordPress.

“Open source is the most powerful idea of our generation. I’m proud to take our intellectual property crown jewels and open Calypso up to the world for the community to hack on, play with, poke, prod, and extend and make their own. This is the same spirit of sharing which has allowed WordPress to become a de facto web operating system over the past decade. It may take time, but open will win over closed every time.” – Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Creator

Better user experiences are possible by splitting font-end and back-end. This is both from a user and developer standpoint as it is more efficient when maintaining large codebases.

At Techlink the team is always excited about testing technologies to ensure the best possible performance of the products being developed.


Digital Transformation in the Sports Industry

Digital Transformation in Sports

Digital transformation is happening in every aspect of our lives; from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, we spend a lot of time dealing with or using digital technologies to make our life easier, faster, more organised. From the most simple things, such as running an identification app to find the song you are listening to on the radio (instead of the old fashioned way of writing down some of the lyrics and searching for them on Google), or going online and placing your lunch order (instead of calling a restaurant to do so), to make your transactions online instead of conducting them in person, digital transformation is making our lives easier. And of course, the sports industry couldn’t stay intact.

Digital Transformation has started getting involved in sports the last couple of years where we have seen the introduction of:

  • Virtual Assistant Referees (VAR) have been introduced to a variety of Sports (e.g. VAR & Goal-Line Technology/Football, Hawkeye/Tennis, Instant Replay Review/NFL & NBA, Photo Finish & Electronic Timing/Track & Field) to assist referees and minimize potential mistakes.
  • Virtual Competitions have been created and become an actual sport, such as esports (managing a virtual character/player and competing against others, either by being part of a team or individually) and fantasy leagues (creating a virtual squad consisted of actual players, managing it based on the players’ performance in actual games and competing against other users).
  • Fitness & Conditioning Virtual Assistant applications that track and monitor the condition of the athletes during their exercising (training & during matches) to prevent injuries and fatigue.
  • Virtual Scouting tools (e.g. Wyscout) that work as a database with all the matches that an athlete participated in, while it can also monitor athletes’ performance through videos or their stats and based on this they offer evaluations.
  • Sports Analytics that offer advanced analysis of players and teams based on their match participation, identifying their tendencies, weaknesses, strengths etc, which displays the tendencies a team has based on successful and failure parameters.
  • Sports Teams Mobile Applications that offer more than just informative data to their fans. They also offer fan engagement, such as online quizzes, vote polls, predictions, activities and more.
  • Livestreaming options to watch a match or league online through subscription services (e.g. nba league pass).
  • F1 race simulators (a simulation of a race, based on actual data such as weather conditions, driver’s fatigue and track details).


What the Future Holds

With the way the digital transformation is progressing within the sports industry, it won’t be a surprise to witness an introduction of virtual/digital assistants for every department. One of the most complicated virtual assistant will be the virtual/digital coach assistant. The aim of such an assistant will be to improve training preparation for the next match, identify which players to use or even what tactics to follow against an opponent, based on their opponents’ weaknesses.  This is possible with the use of analytics and other KPIs which are taken into consideration, such as fitness levels and the condition of every athlete, so that possible injuries can be avoided.

In F1, racing simulators are already used so that the drivers can prepare themselves for every track based on realistic conditions which are added to the simulation (e.g. air temperature, wind and weather conditions, fatigue levels, etc). This assists drivers and their respective teams to prepare as best as possible for a race in terms of physical, mental and tactical preparation. 

It is also important to consider that in other instances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in several scouting tools to identify players’ traits and characteristics. Additionally, such technology focuses on the players’ methods and performance during matches with the aim to evaluate how they react and deal with certain situations. This can be added to a predictive model for potential future movements.

How possible is it in a couple of years to have an introduction of a virtual coach assistant?

The dots are there. It’s clear! Augmented reality existence, identification of players’ tendencies based on video analysis from appearances in previous matches, their reactions to certain situations, Artificial Intelligence. Once the dots are connected, it will be possible to simulate a match preparation training session. So now, the only thing left is…. to connect the dots!


Working and Studying Remotely

Are you concerned on how to work remotely?

Are you worried on how you will deliver to your students their lessons from distance?

We have your answer!

Whether you are an employer or an employee, a student or an educator, Microsoft Teams is all what you are looking for.

As a proud Gold Microsoft Partner, Techlink can make sure that you discover all the best practices and helpful materials for working or studying remotely. We can make sure that you will achieve more together with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a cost-effective feature that offers rich and futureproof voice experience. Group Chatting from anywhere, Going onto a Video Conference in one button, File Sharing and Storing and Collaboration with Office are just brief examples of Teams’ benefits.

  1. Unlimited Chat and Search: In remote working environments or distance learning, it is essential to establish that communication will not be lost between the group. Microsoft Teams allows you to group chat with your team and even has search capabilities of more than 250 integrated apps and services.
  2. Meetings and Calls: How about having your daily conference meetings online? With Microsoft Teams video calling goes to another level. You are able to host a web conference meeting for up to 250 people and online events for up to 10,000 people from almost anywhere they are. Unimaginable! Screen sharing and unlimited recordings are there to make your life easier. And as of kids and pets, background blur feature helps you erase any unwanted disruption. At the same time, meetings can be recorded for any attendee to access the transcripts later if they missed or want to listen to the meetings again.
  3. File Sharing and Storing: With Microsoft Teams you no longer need to send numerous emails between each other. Enjoy file sharing within teams and channels and up to 10 GB team file storing, as well as up to 2 GB personal storage per user in chat.
  4. Collaboration with Office: What if you work together with your colleagues on a certain Word document? Or what if you work on a presentation with your classmates and professor? With Microsoft Teams you can integrate with other Office 365 apps in real time, since you can access the web versions of Word, Excel and Power Point, whilst security, compliance and manageability is bound.

Note: Terms and Conditions apply regarding the potential possibilities of features you wish to unlock.

Recently, Microsoft IT has uncovered numerous ways of enabling remote work. Microsoft Teams has definitely revealed how the power of a team can be enhanced. Remote work or distance learning are no longer a «problem». Using it from almost anywhere in the world, Microsoft Teams is set up to be a collaborative solution for all. It is now possible to work or study online without even feeling remote.

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And don’t forget…

The dedicated Techlink team will be able to assist you with setting up your required connection.


Q. What happens when an individual signs in with work or school credentials?

A. If the individual is licensed for Teams, they will be logged into the product. If the individual is not licensed for Teams, they will be logged into the product and automatically receive a free license of Teams that is valid through January 2021. This includes video meetings for up to 250 participants and Live Events for up to 10,000, recording and screen sharing, along with chat and collaboration. Details for IT.

Q. How can IT admins access Teams for Education?

A. Teams has always been free to students and education professionals as a part of the Office 365 A1 offer. Access it here.

Q. Is there any training provided by Microsoft?

A. Microsoft offers a range of training resources available for you and your customers at no additional cost.

1. Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products. The goal is to help you become proficient on our technologies with fun, guided, hands-on, interactive content that’s specific to your role and goals.

2. Regionally delivered webinars for partners and customers that are designed to boost the teams’ knowledge of deep technical scenarios across all Microsoft cloud solutions.

3. Role-specific learning paths for partners to build their skills on Microsoft products and solutions.

Q. Does Microsoft offers any support or guidance for remote workers?

A. If your organisation wants to get started with Microsoft Teams, to support your users who work remotely or from home, use the Microsoft guidance to get up and running quickly.


Remote Working. Sign your Documents & Contracts online.

Businesses must make the best use of all the available digital tools based on the current global status. At Techlink we have partnered with providers offering best-in-class high-end solutions that can be easily deployed for streamlined operations.

Do you send out documents, contracts or agreements that need signatures?

DocuSign: a fast, reliable way to electronically sign documents from practically any device and from almost anywhere in the world!

During such times of unexpected outbreaks or global conditions, DocuSign has proven to be the solution for e-signatures for many institutions and companies throughout the world. With more and more companies moving towards working remotely – an action which safeguards public health – businesses must ensure that their tasks are as seamless as possible in their new working environment. DocuSign is an essential tool for every company that has taken measures in the direction of remote working, since it ensures that important documents will be signed online and that businesses maintain their presence, connection and relationship with their clients.

Why use DocuSign?

  • Online service. eSignatures are Legal, Secure, Auditable.
  • Accelerated Sales: 82% agreement completion in 1 day
  • Sales Productivity:9 day faster turnaround
  • Reduced Costs:€32 (average) saved per document
  • (Bonus)Environmental effect: Saved almost 20 billion sheets of paper, 2.5 million trees and 2 million gallons of water with eco-friendly digital processes.

How DocuSign works?

Is it legally established?

Since 2018, Cyprus adopted the European Law 55(I) which amends the existing national legislation regulating the use of e-documents, e-signatures, e-identification, e-seals, e-timestamp, e-delivery services, and website authentication been aligned with eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services).

Find out more about DocuSign here.

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    What is DocuSign?
    DocuSign® is the leading eSignature brand. Accessible from around the world, global enterprises, business departments, individual professionals, and consumers in all industries solve their paper problems by replacing manual, paper-based methods with DocuSign. The
    result is accelerated transactions that increase speed to results, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and delight customers. DocuSign helps you keep business digital with the easy, fast, secure way to send, sign, manage and store documents in the cloud

    What documents are supported?
    You can use DocuSign to sign virtually any type of document: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, and more. DocuSign works with your documents, and is integrated into many of the tools and business systems you already use, including, Microsoft Office 365
    (including Microsoft Outlook, Word, and SharePoint),, Dropbox, Google Apps, Google Drive, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft OneDrive, NetSuite, SugarCRM. DocuSign is also available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices

    Who uses DocuSign?
    Large multi-national enterprises, business departments, individual professionals, and consumers have standardized on DocuSign, with more than 300,000 new users joining the DocuSign Global Network every day. In addition, more than 200 million users worldwide in
    188 countries have DocuSigned. Employees at more than 90% of the Fortune 500 have used DocuSign.

    Is DocuSign available worldwide?
    Yes, people are using DocuSign around the world, with documents being signed in 188 countries.

    What languages are supported?
    You can now sign in 43 languages: English (US), Spanish (Latin America), Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish (Spain – Modern Sort), French (Canada), Chinese Simplified, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal), Chinese Traditional, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Serbian-Latin, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, British English, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Thai, and Vietnamese.

    DocuSign also makes it easy for global users to send documents for signature, and in their native language. DocuSign offers 13 sending languages, including English (U.S.), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Spanish. Languages are detected through the browser’s language setting, and they can also be configured within the Administration tools.


    How are electronic signatures better than handwritten ‘wet’ signatures?





    Paper processing, printing, filing,
    mailing and fax.
    Overnight shipping costs

    Paper free processing
    Delivery over Internet eliminates
    shipping cost


    Delivery of mail may take up to
    several weeks.
    Missed form or lost paperwork
    creates further delays.
    Often requires the presence of a

    Mobile access from around the world
    All fields must be filled before
    document can be signed, leading to
    less “no-good” documents.


    Tampering – Backdating,
    alterations, or forgery.
    High possibility for human error in
    data entry or copying.

    Encryption and audit trail ensures
    documents are tamper-evident.
    Unalterable capture of signing data;
    electronic storage


    How does DocuSign help meet legal requirements?

     DocuSign has been developed to meet legal requirements by allowing parties to a transaction to:

    • Verify signer identities with multiple forms of authentication
    • Confirm signer intent to sign electronically
    • Link signatures to signers and documents
    • Record all important document and signature activities
    • Have ongoing, secure access to DocuSign documents
    • Protect documents with tamper-seals that use a combination of independently certified, secure system processes and PKI (Public Key infrastructure) technology


    Are electronic Signatures legal?

    Electronic documents and signatures are legally binding throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union for nearly every business or personal transaction. DocuSign’s solutions enable you to electronically sign while meeting and exceeding the requirements of the UK Electronic Communication Act and EU Regulation No 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market, also known as eIDAS. All European Union countries are bound to this regulation, required to be in effect for member countries in July of 2016.

    More than 300,000 businesses and organizations worldwide trust DocuSign to support valid electronic records and legally binding electronic signatures, with about 1 million documents being signed daily. DocuSign’s industry-leading security practices and rich, intuitive user experience make obtaining legally binding electronic signatures easy and convenient.


    How do I know DocuSign’s electronic signatures are trustworthy? DocuSign’s electronic signatures are:

    Legal. DocuSign is the only eSignature company that is ISO 27001 certified as an information security management system (ISMS). This is the highest level of global information security assurance available today, and provides customers with the assurance that DocuSign meets stringent international standards on security.

    Secure. Each Electronic Signature is unique, documentable, encrypted, and tamper-evident. DocuSign guarantees confidentiality of all transactions and furthermore provides multifaceted verification of signing events.

    Auditable. DocuSign provides a complete and extensive audit trail that serves as third-party validation of transaction completion, including information such as the signer’s email address, name, authentication method, IP address with time stamp, and more.

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    Cyprus has been recently identified as one of the many countries that have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). With the confirmed outbreaks increasingly rising, many businesses in the private and public sector are moving towards remote work as a measure of protecting their employees and other stakeholders.

    COVID-19 has been proven to globally affect not only airlines, public transport, but unfortunately it has a horrendous human cost. For that, many companies, businesses and organisations have restrained their staff from physically going to the office premises and have requested them to work remotely. In these unexpected situations, when personnel are not prepared or trained, businesses have to make sure that their staff is ready to adapt to their new working environment. Here are 3+1 tips that will help you get used to this new working world.

    1. Replicate your office environment:

    Picture this: Imagine your first days at work. How did you decorate your office? Did you made it look and feel like home? Well, for remote working you will need to do vice-versa. Successful work-from-home employees have managed to make their personal home areas look like their workspace. Indeed, moving a furniture or having an office in a separate room than your common areas helps a lot. Does having an open window suit your workspace or distract you? Do you have many post-it notes or are you near the printer? Make your home like your office! Simple… yet a challenge.

    It’s important to establish that your internet connection is excellent in order to have the best communication with your colleagues and to perform your tasks in the best possible way. You can even have online meetings with your manager(s) or current and potential client(s), for which you should make sure that your Wi-Fi or ethernet cable connection provides seamless connectivity.

    Generally, you will find that you work better in an office-like environment, especially if you end up working remotely for a long period of time… It is advisable that you replicate your personal space as much as your office environment.

    2. Build your mindset:

    So, the day has come, and you need to start working from home. Would you ever go to the office in your pyjamas? Or would you ever go to an official and important meeting with your hair untidy and your shoes dirty? Obviously, not! In the home work environment you establish, you definitely have lots of distractions – the TV, Netflix, your family, your so-cute pets… Try change your mentality. Be focused in your tasks and your deadlines. Be productive and work as if you’re at the office.

    A trick to build your work-from-home mindset is to dress as you would in the office. You don’t need to wear your favourite tie or your fancy dress, but even a small change in your dress code can shift your mind in thinking that you are at the office. Be consistent with your schedule. Keep the usual working times and you will feel like your boss is at your home with.

    3. Stick to your deadlines and routines:

    One of the benefits of remote work is that you are responsible for your schedule. Make sure that you set goals and accomplish something each day. Keep your everyday working routines, check your emails frequently, make team calls, schedule your daily and week timetable, have your lunch break during the “normal hours” and more. Do everything as if you are in the work office location.

    +1.  Be in constant communication with your team:

    Whether you live with your family or not, you will find it refreshing and emotionally recharging when you frequently communicate with your working team. It will build your relationships, will maintain your positive mental health and could even make your communication methods better, stronger and more efficient. Your performance could be improved, and your team’s satisfaction will be elevated, as a result your business will strongly be benefited. So, keep in touch!

    Looking further

    Although Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made people distant from one another and it is creating global isolation, take advantage of what researchers already suggest: that working remotely can motivate people to be coordinating more, cooperating and focused in sharing knowledge. If companies can take these benefits and elevate them, we are sure that more and more opportunities will arise from remote working environment. At Techlink we are very serious about the safety of our staff and stakeholders. Under these circumstances due to the Coronavirus outbreak our staff will be working remotely. We are monitoring the situation closely and are dedicated to follow the country’s health instructions.

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    Audience Retargeting 101: Everything you need to know on targeting strategies

    What is it?

    Audience targeting! One of the most important
    measures to increase your business’ exposure in this digital era. The act of
    segmenting consumers into different groups while taking into consideration
    their interests, demographic or even psychographic data, is essential in
    establishing the alignment of marketing campaigns with consumers’ perceptions
    and lifestyles. Simply put, it is evident that businesses have better results
    when marketers reach the appropriate audiences…. The ones who will interact with
    their products or services.

    Demographic and psychographic parameters must
    carefully be gathered, tracked and managed prior of targeting an audience. Such
    data includes age, gender, remuneration, interests, area of living, values and
    motivation; all parameters that are bound to impact consumers’ behaviour. When seeking
    information about your audience, you learn who they are, what their habits are,
    what they research or if they have an active involvement with your

    Strategies for implementing audience targeting:

    Numerous researchers and platforms have dealt
    with audience targeting; they all agree in the vital need of applying certain
    strategies to effectively boost the performance of your company’s campaigns. In
    a snapshot, some of the most important ones to note are:

    • Google-in Market Audience: This is a powerful AdWords targeting tool that enables advertisers to target consumers who are actively searching a business’ product and/or service. Specifically, marketers have strong indications that targeting potential clients who browse websites and click on ads for specific products through in-market audience, leads to a buying behaviour of high-intent.
    • Google Ads: One of its multiple tools is adding and viewing audiences which will then be used to configure numerous A/B tests. When marketers want to test the effectiveness and shrill of a campaign’s content in relation to the preferred audience, they conduct A/B testing; such actions aim in dividing an audience into two groups for campaign testing purposes. This gives the opportunity to marketers to improve the marketing content prior of officially publishing a campaign. Needless to say, A/B testing is also run while campaigns are live in order to optimise them and provide streamlined results that make sense to the marketing departments.
    • Facebook Custom Audiences and Retargeting: Businesses can benefit from Facebook features in many ways; one is targeting through custom audiences. In this case, users will only be exposed to content and ads related to their interests, preferences and intentions. Thus, this adds value and loyalty to companies, as well as there is no evidence of ads waste since they reach the “right” people.
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Achieving organic SEO is considered to be one of the best audience targeting strategies, since using correct and appropriate keywords, audiences that are actively involved with a company’s products/services are actually targeted. It is worth noting that a great source of keyword research is LinkedIn and Keyword Planner in Google Ads.

    Audience Targeting Options:

    Google Ads has created different audiences that
    can be used in campaign targeting:

    1. Affinity
      Marketers can reach
      people based on a comprehensive view of their lifestyle and interests,
      specifically people that take great consideration of a business product/service.
    2. Custom
      Affinity Audience:
      Marketers are
      able to further define their affinity audiences in order to have a better reach
      (e.g. Sports Fans Affinity Audience are redefined as Marathon Runners Custom
      Affinity Audience).
    3. Life
      Reaching and Engaging
      with audiences on special occasions, such as graduation ceremonies, moving
      homes, marriage ceremonies etc. So, if for example someone moves to a new
      house, then it has a high potential that will need moving services, new
      furniture and more; thus, the said audience is exposed only to relevant content.
    4. In-market
      Marketers have in
      the centre of their interest people that will convert to potential clients.
      When in-market audiences are exposed to remarketing content, the activities will
      probably lead to the completion of a purchase.
    5. Custom
      Intent Audiences:
      The use of
      segments in ad groups by launching in-market keywords, URLs and apps ideally
      focused in the potential client.
    6. Remarketing: Focused on reaching people who are previously
      engaged with the business’ website, mobile apps, videos etc.
    7. Detailed
      Reach wide range
      of audience segments that have identical characteristics.
    8. Customer
      The use of online and
      offline parameters to expose targeted ads in order to reach and engage with the
      consumers. Ads are demonstrated to the people that already shared information
      with the business.
    9. Similar
      Google Ads
      automatically discovers new customers who are like existing ones. Hence, the ads
      are only visible to the people on the existing Remarketing and Customer Match lists.


    There are numerous options and strategies for implementing audience targeting. What are the benefits? Firstly, by acknowledging what the targeted market is and its true interests are, businesses can better attract towards the reach and awareness of its brand. They can also better connect with their market by using “advanced audiences”, since they can direct people’s consideration onto their products and services. They specifically focus on people who are actively searching and comparing on the Google Display Network, partner sites and YouTube. Companies assist potential customers in choosing to use their products and services. In particular, when people show an intent towards a brand, they are being categorised through hyper-targeted audiences and action ad formats. With this, remarketing and retargeting are implemented.

    With the above in mind, it is essential to note
    that when utilising audience targeting it is vital to always keep in mind the
    buyer persona. The potential buyer must be in the centre of attention of
    targeted ads and your content strategy. When marketing materials use both the Content
    Strategy and Audience Targeting the
    outcome would be an eventual increase of organic traffic, as well as a high
    Return of Investment (ROI). Consequently, audience targeting has positive
    advantages to customers but also to brands since it improves views, engagement
    and – ultimately – sales rates.


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    DocuSign: Fast and Digital

    What is DocuSign?

    DocuSign is the fast, reliable way to electronically sign documents and agreements on practically any device from almost anywhere in the world. It’s been highlighted as a solution that can be used by business organizations in multiple industries. It offers everything an entity needs to automate and connect the entire agreement process. Businesses solve their paper problems by replacing manual, paper-based methods with electronic signatures.

    Why use DocuSign?

    • Accelerated Sales: 82% agreement completion in 1 day
    • Sales Productivity: 9 day faster turnaround
    • Reduced Costs: €32 (average) saved per document
    • (Bonus) Environmental effect: Saved almost 20 billion sheets of paper, 2.5 million trees and 2 million gallons of water with eco-friendly digital processes.


    How DocuSign works?

    Is it legally established?

    Since 2018, Cyprus adopted the European Law 55(I) which amends the existing national legislation regulating the use of e-documents, e-signatures, e-identification, e-seals, e-timestamp, e-delivery services, and website authentication been aligned with eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services).

    Find out more about DocuSign here.

    Contact us for a FREE consultation on how we can help you transform the process of document signing.

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