Mobile applications: Do we need them?

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Over the recent years, the smartphone-driven industry has been a leader in innovation and technology. The phone has become a personal assistant and minicomputer. It assists us daily with task lists. Simultaneously, it enables us to capture experiences and even work faster and easier.

Many of the smartphone functions could not be achieved without the use of mobile applications.

Just think about it. In a day, how many times do you use your smartphone? It is no coincidence that mobile application usage is becoming a major key point in the digital world of smartphones. Every smartphone user has the option to choose which application to download and use according to their everyday needs. When developing an application, the main purpose is to provide an easy navigation and search experience for the user. Whether a business sells services or products, a user-friendly mobile application can create customer loyalty and elevate a business to another level.

Recently and after global circumstances, we have experienced a great shift from the physical to the online shopping experience.  E-commerce sales have escalated and created a world of online business and cyber communities. This series of events have challenged businesses to expedite entering the world of technology and digitalisation. Businesses have been pushed towards upgrading or even evolving. Companies were facing the dilemma between ‘going online’ or ‘going home’, which drove businesses that stood up to the challenge to succeed.

7 Top reasons why a business needs its own mobile application.

1. 24/7 shopping, dedicated customer service care centre, and loyalty scheme

The creation of a mobile application for a store, can provide service 7 days a week. No matter what a store is selling, being online means consumers can reach it for a product or service anytime, and from anyplace they want. In the same sense, consumers that need to reach out to a business can contact customer service via app with their user account linked immediately and to be able to resolve their queries faster. Moreover, apps give an extra room when it comes to loyalty scheme.  A business can send notifications and direct consumers for sales straight to the app, tempting them with in-app exclusive offers, or offers tailored just for them, based on their purchase history.

2. Direct Marketing

The days where a business had to hire someone or rely on OOH advertising ads to spread the word about the products or services of a brand is past gone. All these things can be achieved through a successful mobile application.

Whether a business wants to provide the basic information or offer accessibility to bookings, user account, newsfeed, etc., a mobile application will be the easiest tool to use.

Moreover, using push notifications can establish a direct marketing channel and alert the users about new product launches, offers, discounts, best deals, or any information the business wishes to convey to the customer.

3. Customer Engagement

In the modern smartphone world, it’s more important than ever to have a strong presence in app stores. A mobile application is among the best practices when it comes to promoting a brand and reaching wide audiences. By creating a mobile application, with friendly UX/UI, packed with the correct information, a business can raise awareness for its brand. Being present in the top app stores can only help a business to grow.

4. New market for revenue

Consumers crave convenience. Hence, online searching for services or products. More than 50% of customers prefer to do online purchases as the act requires less effort, it allows them to explore a wide range of products or services and get the desired product or service in a matter of a few seconds. In return, consumers expect the best support from a company. So, if a business wants to increase and retain sales levels, it should provide satisfaction to its consumers. One of the best ways to leverage this is through a rich, fully featured mobile application.

5. Android and iOS stores

Most smartphone users are active on the Android or iOS platforms. To maximise the opportunity to attract audiences, businesses can either have two applications available for these application stores, or create a hybrid mobile app. The latter option can deliver the same advantages for users, while saving the business some time and money.

A business can build a stronger relationship with global audiences by introducing functional and attractive mobile apps. This can be achieved by focusing on building an effective application but also a marketing strategy for the application.

6. Be proactive

By launching a mobile application, a business could be ahead of the competition. There are still a wide number of opportunities for an app such as grabbing the attention of users and using it as a marketing tool.

Additionally, a mobile application gives the ability to cover a large market share ahead from competitors. The target audience can review all the products and services offered by a business via an app on the spot. And until competitors launch their mobile app in the market, a strong customer engagement and customer loyalty has already been built on the existing application

7. Analysing is the key. 

By tracking the way people interact with a mobile application, necessary improvements can be made to provide better user experience (UX). Understanding targeted consumers is the key to success in any business.

Data about the audience’s geographic location, demographic data, information on interests, and many other interesting statistics can be retrieved and can analysed for business positioning and strategy. Target sales in certain geographical locations by promoting specific products through a mobile application can also be easily achieved.

Considering advances in cutting-edge technologies including the Internet of Things (iOT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more, the future of mobile applications will surpass innovation.

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