Using WordPress with ReactJS

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WordPress is by far one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and powers over 27% of the web. It is open source written in PHP and content writers love the fact that it is easy to use and packed with many plugins. Developers are also keen on using it as they have plenty of freedom when developing websites. The flexibility is great! WordPress plugins are software elements that co-function with specific applications. They extend the functionality and add new features. Examples include the ecommerce capabilities of WooCommerce, Yoast SEO for assisting with search engine optimisation activities, livechat for communicating with potential leads and existing clients, and more.

When considering using headless ReactJS technology for building a website, the benefits include the possibility of unlimited front-ends, the combination of a variety of programming languages, flexible designs, better speed and content editing. ReactJS is a JavaScript framework meant for building user interfaces (UI) and it is the most popular front-end framework for web development. It can also be used for developing mobile applications. ReactJS also allows developers to build high performing large-scale web applications that are able to handle data updates without page reloading. In applications, user interfaces are processed aiming to provide speed, scalability and flexibility. It is clear that React is fast, scalable and most importantly, simple.

It is noted that being ‘Headless’ does not mean that the CMS is missing the header section. It means that the back-end, the data of a website is “decoupled” from the front-end, the face of a website. CMS can be used as a generic content system despite the technology which is used to build the front-end.

Top 10 reasons for using React JS

1) It helps the overall process of writing components.

2) Boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance.

3) It ensures faster rendering.

4) It provides a stable code.

5) SEO friendly.

6)  Useful developer toolset

7) React Native for mob app development

8) Easy to learn

9) Strong backup

10) Most sought-out web development tool

So, if WordPress is great and React is great, combining the two would have some super effects. These include the fact that JavaScript is the future of WordPress and is discussed extensively in the New WordPress.

“Open source is the most powerful idea of our generation. I’m proud to take our intellectual property crown jewels and open Calypso up to the world for the community to hack on, play with, poke, prod, and extend and make their own. This is the same spirit of sharing which has allowed WordPress to become a de facto web operating system over the past decade. It may take time, but open will win over closed every time.” – Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Creator

Better user experiences are possible by splitting font-end and back-end. This is both from a user and developer standpoint as it is more efficient when maintaining large codebases.

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