Cyprus has been recently identified as one of the many countries that have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). With the confirmed outbreaks increasingly rising, many businesses in the private and public sector are moving towards remote work as a measure of protecting their employees and other stakeholders.

COVID-19 has been proven to globally affect not only airlines, public transport, but unfortunately it has a horrendous human cost. For that, many companies, businesses and organisations have restrained their staff from physically going to the office premises and have requested them to work remotely. In these unexpected situations, when personnel are not prepared or trained, businesses have to make sure that their staff is ready to adapt to their new working environment. Here are 3+1 tips that will help you get used to this new working world.

1. Replicate your office environment:

Picture this: Imagine your first days at work. How did you decorate your office? Did you made it look and feel like home? Well, for remote working you will need to do vice-versa. Successful work-from-home employees have managed to make their personal home areas look like their workspace. Indeed, moving a furniture or having an office in a separate room than your common areas helps a lot. Does having an open window suit your workspace or distract you? Do you have many post-it notes or are you near the printer? Make your home like your office! Simple… yet a challenge.

It’s important to establish that your internet connection is excellent in order to have the best communication with your colleagues and to perform your tasks in the best possible way. You can even have online meetings with your manager(s) or current and potential client(s), for which you should make sure that your Wi-Fi or ethernet cable connection provides seamless connectivity.

Generally, you will find that you work better in an office-like environment, especially if you end up working remotely for a long period of time… It is advisable that you replicate your personal space as much as your office environment.

2. Build your mindset:

So, the day has come, and you need to start working from home. Would you ever go to the office in your pyjamas? Or would you ever go to an official and important meeting with your hair untidy and your shoes dirty? Obviously, not! In the home work environment you establish, you definitely have lots of distractions – the TV, Netflix, your family, your so-cute pets… Try change your mentality. Be focused in your tasks and your deadlines. Be productive and work as if you’re at the office.

A trick to build your work-from-home mindset is to dress as you would in the office. You don’t need to wear your favourite tie or your fancy dress, but even a small change in your dress code can shift your mind in thinking that you are at the office. Be consistent with your schedule. Keep the usual working times and you will feel like your boss is at your home with.

3. Stick to your deadlines and routines:

One of the benefits of remote work is that you are responsible for your schedule. Make sure that you set goals and accomplish something each day. Keep your everyday working routines, check your emails frequently, make team calls, schedule your daily and week timetable, have your lunch break during the “normal hours” and more. Do everything as if you are in the work office location.

+1.  Be in constant communication with your team:

Whether you live with your family or not, you will find it refreshing and emotionally recharging when you frequently communicate with your working team. It will build your relationships, will maintain your positive mental health and could even make your communication methods better, stronger and more efficient. Your performance could be improved, and your team’s satisfaction will be elevated, as a result your business will strongly be benefited. So, keep in touch!

Looking further

Although Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made people distant from one another and it is creating global isolation, take advantage of what researchers already suggest: that working remotely can motivate people to be coordinating more, cooperating and focused in sharing knowledge. If companies can take these benefits and elevate them, we are sure that more and more opportunities will arise from remote working environment. At Techlink we are very serious about the safety of our staff and stakeholders. Under these circumstances due to the Coronavirus outbreak our staff will be working remotely. We are monitoring the situation closely and are dedicated to follow the country’s health instructions.