Time and Material

Are you looking for ways to move your business forward? Consider the opportunity to utilise TECHLINK’s Time & Material (T&M) model. This is a great fit for businesses interested in completing projects which require Information Technology (IT) professionals, from software developers to quality assurance engineers.

TECHLINK offers services that cover the full software development cycle. With over 65 highly skilled employees – including Full Stack Software Developers, Project Managers, Database Developers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers and Quality Assurance Engineers – we are your trustworthy and ideal partner for completing your projects and accomplish your workflow demands.

Why the T&M Model was introduced in the provision of IT Services.

The T&M billing model is based on the amount of time that is spent on the implementation of a project or task and the costs of the efforts and materials used in the said process.

IT outsourcing within the T&M billing model is an ideal choice for the implementation of projects or tasks when they are difficult to plan, predict the amount of work for completion and their precise requirements. The customer pays for the actual work of the T&M contractor. This enables change priorities to be economically painless and the work can be swiftly rescheduled.

T&M allows your company to free up resources and time by outsourcing projects and paying a fair price for the actual work done. This way you always achieve your goals without the commitment of hiring new employees. 

The complexity and dynamically changing technology environment indicate that a new adaptable model is required that contributes to the development of tasks and projects for the most suitable business outcomes.

Customised developments require comprehensive analysis; however, it is impossible to estimate the scope, duration and final cost. The dynamic structure of T&M is especially useful for projects with an indefinite development cycle. In such situations, a fixed-price contract would not be the optimal decision. 

The T&M Price Model is ideal for your needs

T&M and cost saving

Payment for T&M services is ‘on demand’. The customer only pays for the actual contractor work which is estimated on hourly rates regarding the time and capital invested for the completion of the customer’s requirements.

T&M services have the most suitable professionals for the work

Professional staff can be added, replaced, or removed according to the project’s needs.

T&M flexibility

The T&M model is the most flexible way to deal with projects. Clients have the opportunity to postpone implementation of certain features or requirements. The scope of the project can be adjusted ad hoc. There is no need for crucial decisions to be taken under pressing and unknown circumstances. The T&M structure generally contributes to creating the best final product.

Do you need additional functionality? No problem! The process can be simplified by skipping unnecessary features. It’s all about prioritising based on business objectives.

T&M for cost effectiveness

Your needs are identified, and the budget is kept within limits. Any changes required are discussed with the customer as often as necessary. Priorities are ranked and you have control of the cost estimation of work to be completed.

T&M for effective engagement

The project analysis does not require thorough detailing. At TECHLINK, we start working on a project as soon as you provide us with key feature requirements. As the project advances, we can figure out the details along the way, in order to speed up the implementation process.

T&M for limitation of risk

There is transparency of the work being carried out, allowing the client to track the process of the project at hand. This way our clients are always informed and assured about every step of the way.

With robust experience in implementing a wide range of complex projects that cover the full software development cycle, TECHLINK is your reliable software partner when considering the distinctive model of T&M.

Contact us now for more information and a consultation on how the Time & Material model can apply for your Software Development needs.