MWC: The biggest mobile tech event of 2020

Update 13/02/2020

MWC Barcelona 2020 has officially been cancelled. You can find more information here.


February 2020 is here, and we are a few weeks away from one of the biggest events of the year, MWC Barcelona 2020.

MWC (Mobile World Congress)is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology alongside today’s most influential visionaries.

It will introduce to the world all the latest technological advancements in the mobile industry.

People will be able to attend the event, while those who won’t be able to attend, will have the opportunity to stream live.

As a company who strives for excellence and offers technological services, this will be a great opportunity for Techlink to get to know more about mobile industry, 5G, blockchain and listen to the perspectives of the leaders from the Tech Industry.

About MWC

MWC 2020 will run from February 24th up to February 27th.

Companies taking part at the event will start on the 22nd with press conferences to build anticipation.

Last year the event attracted more than 109.000 guests and this year that number is expected to increase.

Big players in the mobile industry are expected to present their new devices, although flagships from Huawei, Samsung will be revealed at different events, either before or after MWC.


With 5G being one of the top trending topics in technology, the event will not focus mainly on network hardware but with devices supporting the technology. Most companies are expected to announce their 5G versions at the event. More about 5G will be presented from the big chipset makers, Qualcomm or MediaTek or Huawei’s HiSilicon.


Another trending topic which will definitely be discussed is Blockchain. For sure we will hear plenty regarding blockchain, end-to-end encryption, and other IP security trends. More on blockchain will be presented by Blocko, a leading enterprise blockchain solution provider from Korea.

What to expect from mobile companies.

  • Samsung
    • Their flagship “S” series is not expected to be presented at MWC but instead at a different event which will be held on the 11th of February. “A” series models are expected to be shown off.
  • Sony
    • A press conference has been scheduled already for 24th of February at 08:30 where the new Xperia flagship is expected to make its appearance. Also, livestream will also be available. Sony fanboys will not receive any PS5 updates, so no hopes on that.
  • Huawei
    • Due to ongoing issues with U.S government it is unsure what Huawei will present at the event. Instead of showcasing a device, they might opt to present their new operating system, Harmony OS.
  • Honor
    • A press conference has been scheduled already for 24th of February. A total of 6 products are expected to be launched at the event, including a flagship and also a wearable.
  • Nokia
    • A press conference has been scheduled already for 23rd of February and since Nokia have always taken seriously the event, this year will be no different than others. A few devices will make their appearance along with 5G connectivity and there’s also the speculation that a new series, called Nokia Originals, will make its appearance.
  • Motorola
    • A press conference has been scheduled already for 23rd of February but It’s not exactly clear what they will be presenting. There are some rumors claiming that the company will present a high-end flagship device as well as a device which will come with a stylus. Motorola’s parent company Lenovo is expected to present a few products as well.
  • Xiaomi
    • In the last couple of years, Xiaomi has taken the European market by storm. Their high-end and well-priced devices have been a huge success. The company is expected to take full advantage of the hype and the MWC 2020 event and will announce their new flagships as well as some Redmi devices too.
  • OnePlus
    • Like previous years, the company is not expected to present any flagship devices but for sure they will have a press conference at the event. They might present a few technologies that the company is working on. Most recently, the company presented the concept OnePlus X McLaren featuring electrochromic glass tech on the back of the device.  
  • LG
    • LG has decided to skip the event due to CoronaVirus. They prefer to skip the event and put their employee’s safety first. Their devices will be launched later in 2020.