Improve work efficiency with an instant win: Digital Signatures

How many times do we print a document only to realise that it needed a change? Or…. How long does it take trying to find your line manager to sign a document? What about all those printed pages that go directly into the recycle bin due to some last- minute changes?

We’ve all been there and we know how frustrating it might be, let along not very friendly to our environment.

We hereby present DocuSign®

DocuSign® is the fast, reliable way to electronically sign documents and agreements on practically any device from almost anywhere in the world. It’s been highlighted as a solution that can be used by business organizations in multiple industries. It offers everything an entity needs to automate and connect the entire agreement process. Businesses solve their paper problems by replacing manual, paper-based methods with electronic signatures.

Electronic signatures can accelerate the contract execution process while improving consistency and quality. DocuSign enables companies to adopt electronic signatures to streamline contracting while reducing costs.

“E-signature was the first step to unlocking the modernization and automation of [customers’] system of agreement. You can go back through your entire system as a customer and modernize and automate that process and get rid of the paper and manual processes to allow you to have a much more cost efficient and effective system that’s also a lot friendlier for the environment.” Dan Springer, CEO at DocuSign

DocuSign is delivered as software-as-a-service (saas) and is available in:

  • Basic for simple signature capabilities
  • Standard with collaboration, forms, and customization and branding capabilities; and
  • Enterprise with document management and API integration.


Companies naturally explore electronic signature applications to accelerate contract signing processes and make contracts more consistent, legally binding, and professional.

It’s important to also note the responsivity that comes with using it: on your Microsoft Word file you are just required to place the fields on which the signature will be added.

Benefits mentioned for using DocuSign:

  • Accelerated sales

Fact: 82% of DocuSign agreements are completed in 1 day, accomplished due to the use of electronic signatures; it accelerates the preparation process of a document to be delivered, modified, returned, acknowledged and (electronically) signed.

Electronically take every action!

  • Sales productivity

DocuSign offers crucial time saving. Time spent on preparing, sending and following up on contracts/agreements for signatures is minimized. Based on this, Sales Departments can spend more time and focus on sales and less time (and therefore money) on managing paperwork.

An average 9-day faster turnaround is achieved by using DocuSign Vs paper signing processes.

  • Reduced costs

By moving to electronic signatures, contract processing and retention can enable companies to reduce printing, paper, communication, legal, and storage costs. For organizations with multiple sites and the need to retain and refer to contracts in the future, the savings can be significant.

Example: take into consideration that for every contract agreement that takes place, the signing process requires at least 2 copies of the contract to be signed; one for the company and another one for the partner/customer. If the agreement involves more parties, then an additional copy is also required because every side needs its own copy to keep records. Naturally, countless numbers of papers are involved in a contract process, not to mention the ones that go directly to the recycle bin due to some mistakes, or the ones that are involved in the negotiation process. By using DocuSign you are automatically committed in reducing a part of your company’s (operating) costs, referring to the costs of purchasing papers and ink specifically. In fact, an average amount of €32 ($36) is saved per document by using DocuSign.

Bonus Benefit: Environmental effect

When less paper is printed, this positively affects the environment. As DocuSign points out, “forests serve as the life form on planet Earth. With absorbing CO2 emissions and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, forests provide us with both clean air and the oxygen we breathe”.

Since 2003, DocuSign has helped millions of people around the world replace almost 20 billion sheets of paper, 2.5 million trees and 2 million gallons of water with eco-friendly digital processes.

Keep your business digital. An easy, fast and secure way to send, sign, manage and store documents in the cloud.

DocuSign offers the opportunity to have productive sales, accelerate the process, as well as the benefit of reducing (operating) costs. Don’t forget, it is also a method for protecting the environment.

Since 2018, Cyprus adopted the European Law 55(I) which amends the existing national legislation regulating the use of e-documents, e-signatures, e-identification, e-seals, e-timestamp, e-delivery services, and website authentication been aligned with eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services).

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