How to recruit and retain tech talent: Embrace your unique cultural advantage!

Around the world there is a shortage of tech talent. Here in Cyprus, where the market is small and there are a wide range of interesting technical companies constantly on the hunt for the best technical talent, we face unique challenges when it comes to recruiting for technical roles. With competition from globally recognizable brands, employers looking to hire technical talent need to stand out in the job market.

In other parts of the world this is done by offering enormous salaries, equity options and fancy benefits. In Cyprus, we already have the benefit of living in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, but when it comes to hiring local talent, employees are looking for stable, interesting work with good salaries and the opportunity to grow.

At Techlink, we have been focusing on finding the right total rewards offering to attract people who will thrive at our company. This means offering competitive salaries and showcasing our unique company culture. Fortunately for us, our business model centers around creating custom software, with fresh technologies and staying on the cutting edge of technological advances. It means that our technical teams work on new technologies for different customers in different locations. The work we do daily allows our team to be innovative, learn new skills and test new ideas. In addition to learning as part of our daily work, we offer structured development plans to support our employees’ continued professional growth. As the company grows we find opportunities to promote our employees from within the company.

In support of our collaborative culture, we have frequent team events after work and support flexible working hours so that our employees can work at the times that best work for them. We also have office space in both Nicosia (our main office) and a smaller satellite office in Limassol. This provides our employees the option to work with us without the commute where possible.

As we continue to grow as a company, we believe that the key to staying ahead of the competition both in recruiting technical talent and in business, is to focus on what makes us different:

  • our drive for continuous learning and development
  • our supportive culture, and
  • our conviction for integrity and accountability.