Bespoke software development as a smart business strategy.

An essential component in running an efficient and profitable business is the suite of software solutions that companies are using. The demand is ever increasing for streamlined operations, single-user sign-on and mission-critical systems. Companies use information technology to manage the processes and often face the requirement of sophisticated controls and standards. How should companies assess whether they should select a bespoke, custom system vs an off-the-shelf application?

Bespoke software is exclusively developed for your business. It is designed to accommodate your unique expectations and preferences. Moreover, it is customizable and it therefore becomes effective in providing the required outcomes, specific analyses, data grouping and correlation. It relates to your unique critical functions. Off-the-shelf software may be an easy option in terms of accessibility and rapid installation, but it may be worth considering the possibility of hiring a dedicated team of experts to develop custom software, especially if by doing so it would add value and effectiveness to your operations.

Some of the key benefits for businesses deciding to proceed with requesting tailor-made software to fulfil their needs include:

  1. The workflow can be streamlined to solve your specific business needs and fulfil your requirements.
  2. You are able to include the features you need and these can evolve as you grow.
  3. The integration of multiple business systems into one functionality provides your company increased efficiency and allows for more time to be spent on customer relationship management. Multiple departmental functionalities can be offered under one umbrella system.
  4. A tailor-made application used for your organisation’s internal operations is more secure compared with an off-the-shelf product.
  5. In the long run, your bespoke software may prove less expensive as you are minimising the licensing, upgrading and subscription costs.
  6. You differentiate your organisation from your competitors.
  7. Your brand identity infiltrates into the daily IT system tools that your team members – even customers – are using. The User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) are set up to represent your core values.
  8. The company’s custom software becomes a company asset and you can maintain complete ownership of the solution you commission.

Investing in bespoke software development is a smart business strategy. It can be considered a long-term investment for an organisation’s operations and the future of its business. Bespoke software can be the stepping stone and customised to integrate with other software used by a company. We understand that off-the-shelf applications are used on a daily basis. It is clear that even though immediate functionalities may be served, such solutions often lack features that would benefit the business and may have many unnecessary functions which are not relevant to your business.

The team you select will be able to advise you on the flexibility of the envisioned system. With bespoke software you get bespoke support!

At Techlink, our experts in bespoke Software Development have the knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that will benefit your business. Our engineers will oversee the full development stage, live performance and take the necessary steps to perfect your system’s digital transactions. Our aim is to develop, deliver and maintain functional, dynamic software tools to empower your strategic objectives.

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