The importance and benefits of Social Media Management

What is the importance?

The new technological era we live in, creates the need of businesses to adapt to the new challenges more essential than ever before. Such adaptation is the social media management. Specifically, Buffer, a social media management platform, indicates that 73% of marketers believe that social media was a successful and important asset to their business, that put value to their company.

Though, what if you don’t have the time to manage your digital operations? Or what if you need assistance in the overall management? How about giving it outsource to a digital marketing company? Social media management monitored by an external company will give you a clear understanding of what your audience is, how they react to your content and more that will be analysed further.

Social media marketing, in general has evidenced to be one of the most important tools for a business. According to 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, there was a 93% increased exposure and a 87% increased traffic in a business when using social media. At the same time, by using social media marketing the generated leads were up to 74% and the sales improved to 72%. Another important factor is that loyal fans rose to 71% and business partnerships improved to 56% (Social Media Examiner, 2019).

What are the benefits?

Social Media Marketing is an important asset to a company. Your business will be benefited from an external social media management in many ways, some of them will following be analysed:

  1. Quality Content: In using social media, you wish to engage viewers with a relevant, professional and high-quality content which will be valued to your potential and existing customers. Outsourcing the social media management of your company to a Digital Marketing company, you will effectively get a thorough planning/preparation with quality content and strong campaigns that will always be aligned within the industry.
  2. Expertise: Companies that deal with social media management are not only experienced in their field but also understand social media perspective; not to mention the technical knowledge they have gained through practice and implementation. Social media managers will consult you on numerous social networks and digital channels as well as they will run and manage promotional advertising campaigns in a professional manner. The digital data is continually evolving, for that digital marketers are constantly adapting to the new information, for that there is no fear of “staying behind” the innovation.
  3. Innovative Thinking: Many people find it indeed hard to think “outside-the-box”, or even do something different than the “normal”. Digital marketing companies provide such innovative, creative and unique solutions that will get you out the difficult position. The experienced social media managers are dealing every day with complicated tasks that eventually become very successful. Your company’s brand will be elevated with original, pioneer and modern concepts in order to achieve your goals.
  4. Feedback/Reporting: Digital Marketing Companies will give you analytical feedback on the results of your campaigns and specific suggestions to improve your digital presence and obviously your company’s image. Reports with tables and graphs will be given that indicate what the customers prefer and like.
  5. Successful Results: The ultimate goal of a company is to get successful results; a goal that you definitely reach with external social media management. These companies will work hard to get the desire results for you since it will make their services known to the general public. By getting you the desire results you undoubtedly get money, for that the Return of Investment is definitely achieved.

Which industries could be benefited from external social media management?

Industries from marketing, entertainment, real estate, retail, car dealers, education, restaurants/bars, fashion, recruiting agencies, travel agencies, technology, legal, are just an example of areas that benefit from external social media management. All B2B and B2C marketing certainly need external social media management, especially if there isn’t a dedicated in-house team of experts.

At Techlink, we are sure that our experts can deliver you successful social media management and we are confident that your company will strongly benefit and receive value services. If you are looking for someone to manage your social media, then let us help you! Contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.